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The Locomotive Program 🚂 🚂 🚂

12 week online program starting on 4th Oct -20th December

I Am looking for 5 enthusiastic individuals to work with online. You must be committed to making some big changes in your diet/nutrition, training, consistency, motivation and well-being. Stop waiting for a catalyst to motivate you... 

If you are interested in becoming part of this elite crew of 5, hit the button below to find out some more information

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My Aim...

Actually stepping out of your comfort zone and in to the world of health and well-being is a huge deal for some. It's a mine field out there right now! Every where you look there's the next big craze to get you "rock hard abs in 30 days"... This is not who I am. My tool is fitness, but the message I want to get across is much bigger than that. I want to look at your lifestyle as a whole; your motivation, your habits, your goal setting. I'm not going to lie, what I work on is not a quick process, you've got to be willing to put in time and effort. But the reward is long term results, sustainable training routines, flexible food choices and a foundation of knowledge to build on.


Inspiring Health & Well-being


What you'll get:



Nutritional Guidance


Safe, secure environment to train


Quality Coaching


Online Resources


Empowering    atmosphere





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'Despite the 2nd COVID lockdown, we were able to continue through with a home program and was still able to make incredible progress. Blaine was very motivating throughout the 8 weeks to make sure I was hitting protein, steps and calories.'

Holly Smith

'Blaine's plan isn't a 'Quick Fix' but a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and flexible. One that is more than achievable to carry on long after the program has finished '

Bethan Screen

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'Well in 8 weeks I have weighed twice and lost 11 lbs, walked miles, completed a program and attended the gym. I've lost 7 inches. What can I say, the boy has done good and knows his stuff.'

Pauline Brain

"I undertook Blaine's 12 week plan on the lead up to my 30th Birthday.  I wanted to break the bad habits and the binge/restrict cycle that plagued my 20's.  I learnt so much from Blaine regarding nutrition, exercise and establishing consistency and better habits.  I started my plan wanting to look better, but it's given me so much more than that. I eat better, exercise better and more importantly feel better (mentally & physically). Thank you Blaine for a great plan and motivating me every step of the way."

Naomi Hancock
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I want say a huge thank you to Blaine for all the support and encouragement you have given me over the past 12 weeks.  The knowledge and skills you have shared and given me... 'nutrition, exercise, programs and mindfulness' will stay will stay with me forever - this is the new me!!  Leading in the New Year I feel well equipped with all you have shared - I cannot thank you enough.  I feel amazing in my clothes. I have dropped a dress size and even had extra holes punched into my belt! I'm feeling the healthiest and fittest I have in a long time.

Kerry Smith

My work in Schools and with young People...

"Blaine has fitted in to and understood school life perfectly needing little input from staff to lead and deliver excellent sessions with students who can be difficult to engage. Blaine has been flexible and adapted to different groups of students with very different needs, providing inspiration, motivation and self-belief to students improving their self-esteem and willingness to have a go. Safeguarding concerns have been reported appropriately and timely and he has really got to know the students as individuals."

Nicola Young, Deputy Head of Barnwood School

Unfortunately, we are seeing a huge decline in the education of our young people, when it comes to health & well-being. With so many platforms online for young people to fall victim to latest 'fitness fads' or cosmetic cures, it's more important than ever to make sure they are equipped with the correct knowledge and confidence 

Through interactive seminars, I talk about concepts of health and well-being that they may not already be aware of. I then deliver a group personal training program, specifically as an eye opener to staying functionally fit. Separating this from what they may already experience in their P.E. lessons is important because not everyone has an identity within sport. It's important to recognize that even though you're not classes as sporty, staying fit is still a possibility.

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A safe, secure place to train without the anxieties of a normal gym.

Come visit The Train Station! A secure place to train, receive powerful 1:1 instruction that you will guide you towards your long term, fitness goals. 

Maybe you enjoy group classes? At The Train Station, you can join The LOCAMOTIVE Class! A bootcamp style class that incorporates all your favourite functional exercises, without the standard equipment. Sometimes a Dumbell doesn't quite hack... So swing a sledge hammer instead! 


If you are interested in using the facilities, hit the button to contact me now.