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Making a Positive Impact since 1990

My passion lies in helping people. Health, fitness and wellbeing is something I consider myself to be an expert in. From the first time I competed in sport at a young age, all the way through to now. Fitness is powerful. What I love about sport, fitness, wellbeing, is its for anyone and everyone. I love the unpredictability that sport can bring to the table - I consider myself to be an underdog and you always bet on the underdog. The underdog is motivated, they possess drive, good habits and the right values. All qualities I hope to bestow on everyone I work with. I'm a country music listening, NFL watching, pancake eating, jump roping P.I.C that will stop at nothing to change your life.

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Our Services

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Why work with me online? Well, why not?! get access to all my resources which include a library of 100s of exercise videos, tutorials, recipes and insights that will help you make that break through. Help you make consistent and sustainable progress & results. Read some of my testimonies below of previous clients who have made positive impacts on their lifestyle. The whole program is designed to fit your schedule - what you have going on right now. Plan your training, diet intake, step count, sleep pattern to match your personal & professional life.

Why work with me 1:1? Again, why not?! one of my messages I like to send is Strong is the new skinny. With my help, we'll set strength performance goals for you to focus on. Work on technique and form, whilst also educating yourself on tempo, time under tension, range movement and control. I'll apply Specificity and Periodization to hit the goals as efficiently as possible.  Progress though is not linear - we cannot expect to achieve the same results week in, week out. The correlation (stops along the scenic route) will always be on an incline.

Mindset is an important factor for you succeed. One thing that can have an impact on this is the scale - So many things influence the number we see on the scales. It's often not a true representation of where we are in our health & fitness journey. Yes, we can keep track of our weight, but it shouldn't be the sole way of tracking our progress. The one thing I know for certain, is the scales have more a negative influence than positive. That's why when you work with me, I will encourage you to stay away from the scales as much as possible. Focusing on how strong you feel, how confident you feel, how good those clothes fit, the inches you lose and the more active you become. FUCK THE SCALES.

"Blaine's resources and knowledge on the subject have helped me so much. I feel the results he has helped me accomplish have just opened up a door way to a healthier lifestyle."

"His enthusiasm is infectious - you can't help but want to please him."


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'Despite the 2nd COVID lockdown, we were able to continue through with a home program and was still able to make incredible progress. Blaine was very motivating throughout the 8 weeks to make sure I was hitting protein, steps and calories.'

'Blaine's plan isn't a 'Quick Fix' but a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and flexible. One that is more than achievable to carry on long after the program has finished '

'Well in 8 weeks I have weighed twice and lost 11 lbs, walked miles, completed a program and attended the gym. I've lost 7 inches. What can I say, the boy has done good and knows his stuff.'

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Pauline Brain

Holly Smith
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I want say a huge thank you to Blaine for all the support and encouragement you have given me over the past 12 weeks.  The knowledge and skills you have shared and given me... 'nutrition, exercise, programs and mindfulness' will stay will stay with me forever - this is the new me!!  Leading in the New Year I feel well equipped with all you have shared - I cannot thank you enough.  I feel amazing in my clothes. I have dropped a dress size and even had extra holes punched into my belt! I'm feeling the healthiest and fittest I have in a long time.

Kerry Smith
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"I undertook Blaine's 12 week plan on the lead up to my 30th Birthday.  I wanted to break the bad habits and the binge/restrict cycle that plagued my 20's.  I learnt so much from Blaine regarding nutrition, exercise and establishing consistency and better habits.  I started my plan wanting to look better, but it's given me so much more than that. I eat better, exercise better and more importantly feel better (mentally & physically). Thank you Blaine for a great plan and motivating me every step of the way."

Naomi Hancock
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"I used to have a terrible relationship with food. I was a classic binge eater and lived on 'quick fix' diets.  Changing this relationship with food is certainly on going and Blaine is the perfect trainer to help with long term lifestyle changes."

Gemma Screen

"After having my second baby 18 months ago, I was struggling to lose the last few pounds. Blaine created a program which can be worked around a busy life and kids."

Lauren Homer

"Not only have I lost 11lbs in the last 4 weeks, I've completely changed my lifestyle."

Anna Duberley

"Not just a change to my body (10 inches) but a complete shift in mindset.  My priorities have shifted as well as my attitude and lifestyle.  My main focus used to be the scales, but what I've come to realize is there's nothing the scales can tell you, that a picture can't 10x better!" 

Donnette Mason


A Happier


When you


What works isn't always pretty but the point is, it works!!

In order to stick to something and make it consistent, we need to fall in love with the process.  We are too busy getting hung up on the end result that we forget what it actually takes to get there. When we look at something as fundamental as weight loss, increasing activity levels is what I consider to be the foundation to build on.

Don't take my word for it. Just look to your right and see for yourself the impact walking can have on your health and wellbeing. >>>>>>

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A safe, secure place to train without the anxieties of a normal gym.

From the 12th April The Train Station will be open for business! A secure training environment for those of you wanting to receive quality 1:1 coaching or just for somewhere to book out and use to train individually. Fully kitted for all your functional needs. No pressures of a normal gym floor - No queuing for equipment. No constant anxious feelings. Separate your home life from your workout routine. Put yourself into a positive, safe and motivational environment where you can grow. Maybe you are a PT looking for a place to train your clients? The Train Station could be what you're looking for.

If you're part of a local Sports Team, make the most of a MONTHS FREE usage starting from 12th April. book a regular slot now by hitting the button now!

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Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17